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Originally Posted by Grumpy McTrumpy View Post
And on the same day that Greipel was on. Not sure if the same time though.
Huh. I was on the same time, if the screen shots were about the same time. I started 1:01 PM, screenshot posted at 1:14 PM. I don't think he sprinted for real, if it was him, because he'd be able to smash everyone.

I got absolutely annihilated in the sprints that day. I got the green early then lost it in maybe a minute, did a 22.89. Next guy did a 20.5. I was like, damn, okay. Then others did low 21s etc. Even Wentz, who was just under me, did a 21.x I think.

One thing is that there's an emulator out there where you can put down whatever watts you want. Like electronic motor doping, if you will.

I'm okay for a 22.x pretty much, 23.x without any boost, best I think is 20.9 or maybe a 21.0. I have to get back to doing 950w for 23s to do a 21.x, and I think it'll take about 1000w for 23s to do a 20.5. I think a leadout (28-30 mph going into left curve of Watopia, or into U-turn at Richmond), aero boost, and 1000w would break 20s on Watopia. I enter the jump points at about 20-21 mph so not having to accelerate 8 mph would be huge.

I watched a "flier" do 1200w steady for the Watopia sprint, it took 18.8s. So that's the max, if you will, which was a nice reference point. I think Greipel would be above that for 18s, but he'd have to be going about 41 mph entering the sprint. I know on the road I've done 1100w for 18s but that's it, meaning no effort to get the speed up before the jump, etc, I'd have to be really flying before I jumped.
"...during the Lance years, being fit became the No. 1 thing. Totally the only thing. It’s a big part of what we do, but fitness is not the only thing. There’s skills, there’s tactics … there’s all kinds of stuff..." Tim Johnson
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