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So you had tried to get the Verza for cheaper, and the deal fell through?

The Kijiji ad is still up.

I saw that yesterday, but ignored it for a couple of reasons. It was quite a bit above your specified price range, although some sellers do negotiate.

Under further inspection, the specs don't match the bike.

For example, it is listed as a Verza 10 with 11 speed????

I've tried counting the rear sprockets, and the best I can come up with is probably 9 speed???? The chain also does not appear to be 11 speed, but probably is also 9 speed as expected.

Hmmm... So the Felt Verza 30 is a 9 speed variant with Sora parts. That is a better match.

One of the biggest issues with that bike for you is that you list "5.5 feet". Is that 5'5" or 5'6"? Nonetheless, you are probably looking at a 50cm to a 54cm frame.

That white Verza lists a 61cm frame.
With the sloping TT, you could probably get your leg over it, but it is a big bike.

However, watching the Wacky Thread, it becomes obvious that a lot of people simply find a bike that is similar and cut and paste specs, and really have no idea what they are selling.

That means an astute buyer must be able to judge for themselves. And, can use it for bargaining.

It doesn't necessarily indicate fraud, rather a non-bike savvy seller. Although, they could also be lazy, or intentionally trying to up-value their bike, although a buyer will pretty quickly notice things like mechanical brakes and 9 speed.

It still is an interesting bike. Probably worth less than the $650 asking price as it is The Verza 30 is listed at about $800 USD new. $380 CAD is probably a decent deal.

You still have the issue that the bike is probably too big for you
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