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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
I agreed with the rest of your post but have to disagree about high expectations of current viewers . For example witness the popularity of the Fast and Furious series and umpteen movies with exact same plot - victim of some violent act(s) seeks vengeance and wreaks even more violence on the perpetrators.
Very valid points... arrrg, "pulp films..." no redeeming quality.

My statement regarding "quality" was more geared at optical quality and effects. .. sorry I wasn't more clear on that. Your point is well taken... I can't even imagine the "pitch" that must have been made for some of the crap out there.

There was a time when "horror" required no blood, "drama" required no death, and "death" required no actual scene.

The hyper realism of today’s movies doesn't make them better... but THAT IS what audiances expect.
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