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Not a problem worth worrying about anymore. Suntour forks (you are correct that they are Sakae Ringyo, but the company is colloquially referred to as 'Suntour' now, even if that's not quite accurate) of that level tend to be rather simple affairs; the damper is likely a sealed cartridge, so there is nothing to prevent leakage there, and any bath oil that is [miraculously] in the fork can be counted in the single mLs. In fact, the stanchions where probably swiped with grease when new, as there are no provisions to hold anything in the fork from leaking out the bottom. As an entry-level coil fork, there is essentially nothing to be damaged, either from lack of lubrication or abuse (there aren't even foam rings under the stanchion seals).

As far as fork boots (as they would be referred to for bicycles), they have fallen out of vogue for a couple of reasons:
1) Seal design on forks has drastically improved (better forks have double sided seals, and can go 50 hours before the lowers need to be pulled for service)
2) They realized that the boots caught a ton of dirt/dust, and held it right over the seals.

There may be cases where boots could solve some issues, but the overwhelming majority of users are served by not having them. The kinds of cases where they would excel (thick mud, for instance) are also next to impossible to ride a pedal bike in.
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