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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
The OP didn't tell us what his experience with riding long distance is. I think it's a lot easier to do if you have experience. ... I take it this would be the OP's first ride with RUSA, since he's not the Shipp that does have a result history
Well, I am that Shipp that does have a result history, and my thoughts are:
1. None of this "try" stuff. Decide to do it! But if OP is not used to riding long distances (100+ milers), do not attempt to do at "race pace" -- slow down.

2. We don't know your age, but if OP is in his/her 20's or 30's, it will likelier be easier to do than if in his/ her 50's or 60's. I conclude that because RUSA #6176 , who is 28 years younger than me, did his first 200k back in 2010 when his previous longest ride ever was only 70 miles -- of course, he had an extra "charm" with him -- to wit, thoughts of his father, RUSA #1229 .

3. Okay, so I have some experience doing rando distances up to 600-kms. Last year I did the local, hilly 300-km pre-ride essentially solo on next to nothing except for my experience and mental determination. Write-up of that ride. Key extract follows.

I should have noted prior to this that I was decidedly not in shape to ride a 300 with any kind of panache. I actually wasn't in shape to be doing a 300, period. I had only done nine, count 'em, nine, bike rides since November 18th, the longest of which was only 104-miles. Nine rides in five months totalling only 693-miles. Um, yeah, I had no business riding a 300 km brevet.

Except that I knew the course like the back of my hand. I knew the friendly places and the tough climbs. I was completely at mental peace with what I needed to do complete the ride. It turned out I would never consult the cue sheet (even though, as insurance, I did carry a cue sheet with me).
So, my summary to the OP is this:
- decide to do it. Do it.
- But don't try to do it at the pace you might ride 30 or 40 or 70 miles. Slow down a bit.
- Stay calm and do it.
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