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Originally Posted by JoeyBike View Post
Are pedestrians limited by one way rules as well? I have never encountered such a thing, but I don't have a ton of worldwide sidewalk experience.

Your claim insinuates that it is legal to bike ONE WAY on certain sidewalks as well. Which I doubt is a thing.
Instead of being a dick and claiming that I totally made up a fake law you could have quickly done a google search with my city which shows up under my user name.
Article 5, Sec 7-52, subsection C:
No person shall ride or operate a bicycle, electric bicycle or light motorized vehicle in any direction except that permitted by vehicular traffic on the same side of the roadway where the sidewalk or bicycle lane exists; provided, that bicycles, electric bicycles or light motorized vehicles may proceed either way where signs or pavement markings on the sidewalk, bikeway or bicycle lane appear designating two-way traffic.
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