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Originally Posted by Bandera View Post
"I do not like any super intensive forms of weight training for the road rider (as opposed to the track specialist). The best system is a circuit with 10-15 stations that strengthen everything - legs, shoulders, arms, back and especially the stomach.Go through the entire circuit three times with a three minute rest before starting again. Remember that you are not a lifter, you are a bike rider."

-Eddie Borysewicz former US National Cycling Coach
That's old think. The problem with that program, and the reason that no one does that anymore, is that it takes too long and is too exhausting. It turns out that one only needs to do a very few heavy lifts with low reps, which takes little time, and doesn't wear one out.

Be that as it may, one can't just walk into a gym and do what I just said without a good chance of getting injured. So if you haven't been lifting regularly, you do what Eddie said for a couple months, say September and October, then gradually decrease exercises and reps until you get down to maybe 4 exercises and 3 reps, not circuits. I do a version of that periodization every year.

It's also been found that you see a lot fewer injuries in those who only take 1 minute between sets rather than 3. The 3-minute folks move more weight, but aren't any faster for it. I hit the next circuit exercise when my HR dropped below 115. Oh - and not the stomach. Never was a cyclist who complained their abs were sore. it's the back that's always the issue. OTOH maybe he really means hip flexors, which need a lot of work. But that's not the stomach.

I did it Eddie's way for a few years before I figured out that there was a better way. How? Just by reading the studies and experimenting on myself. It helps to live long and never stop experimenting with new techniques and methods. Old isn't better. Better is better.

First outdoor ride of the year today on my single. A couple nice intervals and a couple upwind sprints in the drops to make traffic lights, 6 PRs in a 15 mile ride. Finally starting to get it back. This winter's been good: weights, roller drills, and capacity rides.
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