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Originally Posted by robnol View Post
the least comfortable dude u must be kidding its the most comfortable....and my training is all about speed or else whats the point of bike training unless ur just pleasure riding ....time trials are my thing fun honest me against the next guy without using another rider for assistance"pacelining"
Yes, it can be comfortable. But certainly not to someone new to it. I've done my share of triathlons over the decades (riding in aero position) and can certainly attest that the aero position takes some getting used to. It's a completely different position and consequently your butt is at a different angle on the seat. Without your forearms holding you up, you are now putting more pressure on your shoulders. Your head is at a different angle so your neck will get fatigued. Your torso is overextended so you're putting pressure on your stomach and lungs. And when you're new to it and unsure of yourself you're going to be more tense which will cause fatigue. All those things add up to DIScomfort to someone new to it.

Also...did you consider that maybe you're just in better riding shape than the two riders you passed? Were they maybe a couple of old geezers like me? Heck, there have been times when I've been out, alone, on one of my road bikes with standard drops and passed up rideres on tri/TT bikes in aero position.


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