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Bikes: too many of all kinds

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Very nice. I love it!!

That link didn't work to your other lights discussion.

My bike is black, so I used some 3M tape for night time riding. That black tape barely glows compared to regular 3M tape. The black is about as bright as a license plate reflection, while the other color 3M tapes are as bright as a good road sign (or the white-red stripes on the sides of a semi). The black tape was a little disappointing to me.

Here is the back of my bike as seen from the side (the blue tape is not 3M - the 3M stuff is bright enough to wash out in these photos. I've played with all kinds of colored designs on my wheels.

Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
The tape is black. You can see it (barely) in the photos below. .

Don't buy any. I have a ton of it sitting in my closet and will send you enough to do a few wheelsets. No charge. Just PM me your address and I'll get an envelope in the mail. I'm just down the road in Marietta, Georgia so its no bother at all.

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