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Originally Posted by mpls85 View Post

"...kids and teens ages 8 to 18 averaged more than seven hours a day looking at screens."

What!? That's almost half of their waking hours, I can't even understand that much time spent in front of a screen.

I think these broad cultural trends are MUCH more concerning than the effect that tariffs have on bikes.
And we wonder why our adolescents have skyrocketing rates of depression and anxiety! And self-medicate with vapes and marijuana (a lot of them do, anyway--source: I teach adolescents).

I find it interesting that our society's rich and elite now send their children to Waldorf and other private schools where screens are eschewed. It's almost as if they know how damaging all that screen time is to us!

And don't get me started on people texting while driving. From what I can find, in my state anyway, it's only illegal for MINORS to be texting while driving. How is that even possible? I bike commute, and I want my child to ride, but I'm petrified at the odds of getting mowed down by someone on their damn phone.
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