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Originally Posted by jppe View Post
Robert is now at home but under the watchful eye of his spouse and 3 children. They rotate providing assistance.

Everyone who followed Rowan’s ongoing recovery from his brain injury knows progress from brain juries is erratic and a very long process. Robert still needs assistance for daily tasks. While before he was verbose and charismatic He now struggles with verbalizing his thoughts. He doesn’t remember his thousands of miles of bike riding even after seeing videos and pictures.

His business has now closed. I don’t think they’ve arrested the suspect but not sure about that.

Before his injury he disliked “animals” but now looks forward to the regular visits to his wife’s farm to feed the animals.

At this point it’s unclear what his long term prognosis might be. But he’s surrounded by a very loving family that will continue to support him every step along the way.
It's good to ear that he has a very loving family to support him. I hope they're also getting him as much professional help as they can.

And unfortunately, it is very hard to determine what the long term prognosis might be ... there's so much about the brain that even the experts don't know. They used to say that when a person got to 6 months post injury, that's as good as they would get ... then they said, it was 1 year ... and 2 years. Now they say that a person can keep recovering and developing and making progress for years to come.

But chances are there will be some permanent effects and he/they won't likely return to how it was before. People keep talking to me about a "new normal" ... whatever that is.

Funnily enough, we've gone up north to a cottage on a farm a couple times and will go again in a few weeks. Seems to be the place to be.
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