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Originally Posted by JoeyBike View Post
I have considered all of that! Truth be told, hanging up the bikes SAVES money. Counseling, vaping, and weed all seem like expensive ways to medicate a problem that you just need to quit and find a safer physical activity you may like as much, or nearly so. Kinda like getting a nasty saddle sore. You can hand money over to the dermatologist, druggist, saddle manufacturers, bike short designers, and bike-fit gurus if you want, but taking some time away from bikes would serve the same purpose and cost ZERO dollars.

Remember HeeHaw?

Patient: "Doc, it hurts when I do this"

Doctor: Then DON'T DO THAT!

Sometimes it is just that simple.
I'm just going to suggest that someone who posts so much rationalizing of not riding must actually have personal issues with that decision. Seriously, who are you trying to convince? And this time, you don't have the excuse that you are politely responding to someone who quoted you.
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