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I understand your frustration but the currently offering from most manufactures is insane. Nevermind if the LBS is a multi-brand dealer.

I purchased a Trek Checkpoint a couple weeks ago. I knew more than everyone at the shop including the two owners who I know are avid and knowledgeable cyclists. The check point comes with 3 frames and they are all very distinct. Add that every frame level (AL, ALR and SL) have several builds and women specific builds and sizes (some smaller sizes have different mounts) and you end up with 30+ combinations. Now add that some builds have 2 or 3 color schemes and it's impossible for a sales employee or even the owner to know all the nuances. And we only talked about one model.

If I was managing a shop (or any retail store ) I'd train my staff to know where to find the info and know the generalities. I'd never expect them to know the details like an enthusiast buyer who has been researching a specific model.

Another mistake us, bikeforums nerds make is to assume we represent the majority of cyclists/consumers out there. We are a minority, we are nerds who not only like riding but like to read about, talk about and discuss at nauseum. I even have some doubts if some here actually go out and ride.

Now... if the employee didn't know the difference between a presta and schrader valve I would be very concerned.

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