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Originally Posted by HerrKaLeun View Post
OP probably researched online and the store offering was very limited compared to online. OP probably couldn't remember all details and wanted sales person to verify..... but apparently it is too much to ask that sales person knows the 10 bikes on the floor.

Which is why I buy online. Last time I stepped in an LBS there was a sales person who I think doesn't even ride or sold jeans a week before. Then the owner who is knowledgeable, but only acknowledges you if you look like buying the most expensive bike.

But support your LBS, no matter what.
Yeah... Nope...
OP referenced asking only one question and that was SPECIFICALLY about Sram 12 speed which he referenced that he already knew was the drive train on the bike.
Nothing about your verification of detail theory which is pure conjecture.
Thanks for playing though!
Not sure where you came up with only 10 bikes on the floor either. How did you deduce the size of the shop?
I have more than a half dozen shops within 50 miles of me and they all have ALOT more than 10 bikes/models on the floor.
You need to get out a bit more maybe?

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