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Being in Finland you are closer to the UK, EU sources for a lot of parts ,

US bikes from Pac Rim suppliers do not Fit..

The 10x1 steel threaded axles were common to both Deore, Road And their Tandem hubs
and so swapping a longer axle into a road hum is doable

Oregon's Co Motion even built their touring frames extra wide , 145.
so spoked hub became centered under the rim symmetrically braced, near dishless ..

and Shimano's tandem hubs with 40 &48 spoke holes became usable..

Clever thing Paul did, made 3 different actuating arm lengths ,
Campag Brifrer users got a shorter arm . to pair with their high MA.

For my brakes, I moved from BB7 to TRP HyRd.. (Bike Friday pocket Llama)..


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