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Originally Posted by downhillmaster View Post
Not sure how optimized your road bike actually is if you can’t figure out how to carry more than one bottle of water
Originally Posted by Brocephus View Post
Exactly. This gets right to the heart of the issue, which is the OP's irrational insistence that saddle bags have no place on a "proper" road bike (which presents another question: Whether or not any of us are riding on "improper" road bikes !! )
A saddlebag is simply a tool, brought to us by the proverbial Mother Of Invention (necessity), and is no more out of place on a bike, than pockets are out of place on blue jeans, or a glove box is out of place in an automobile, or an overhead bin is out of place on an airliner, or drawers,closets,attics and basements are out of place in our homes, etc.etc and so on, and so on.
Anyway, the OP could try one of those triangle-shaped frame bags. I have one on my mtn bike, and really like it. Not sure if the OP finds these an abomination,too, but they hold a lot of stuff, securely, and closer to the center of gravity.
Something like these.....
(I may pull the trigger on this one, myself !)
Originally Posted by downhillmaster View Post
There is nothing wrong with a bit of criticism. Everything is not Unicorns and rainbows.
FYI, satchels/bags have been hanging off the back of road bikes for a hundred years so not sure how you can say it does not fit the aesthetic. You could have ofc said it does not fit your personal tastes but you didn’t.
You actually stated you think ‘they have no place on a proper road bike’
That is silly and a bit contentious.
Hence the discussion
I did not mean to be contentious. Perhaps my language was off, for which I apologize. I did not mean to offend. I was hoping for more of a discussion about saddle bag alternatives than the validity of saddle bags.
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