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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
I never understood why Columbus put their logo on framebullding parts. Same with Cinelli. Seems like a good way to get named in a lawsuit. Of course, that issue might not really be in their radar
I'm just surprised they made the effort to advertise an el-cheapo tubeset like this. SL or SLX would make sense, but Zeta?

Originally Posted by Spaghetti Legs View Post
BMZ built frame? I would investigate the frame to check further such as spirals in the steerer to indicated SL, seat post size, etc.

As far as value, tough one. Parts are worth more than frame I would think. My guess is if seller put that bike up on CL for $150 or $200 it would sit for a long time, but we all know you could easily spend twice that accumulating the Super Record parts. If trying to work out a fair deal for both of you, and depending on quality of the wheelset, and assuming frame is low end, I think somewhere between $200 and $300 works.

BTW, I like the flat bar conversion and that frame can live well going forward in that format with a cheaper, functional, group. I just built up a similar bike for my wife using a Ross frame and parts bin Alivio bits that she loves. If you get the bike and donít like Flite saddles, drop me a line!
Who knows? Can always go over to check sometime, but if those decals are under the clearcoat (and they appear to be), it really doesn't make me that excited about the frame.

Don't you think $300 is a bit on the high side without the hubs? Perhaps I'm doing the frameset and the wheels an injustice, but locally, I couldn't get a very similar Romani frameset w/SL (27.2 post) to sell for $100, and I know those wheels won't do more than $60 on the local C-list.

Originally Posted by wrk101 View Post
I tend to value these at the most expensive parts: say crankset, seat post, and derailleurs. The rest is profit for the trouble of dismantling, cover fees and any negative surprises.

Now IF it is your size and you want to ride it/keep it, I'd value higher. Say add up ALL of the Campy parts. So that might be a range from $250 to a top of $400.

Can't tell for sure, but looks like crankset is missing dust caps. That cuts into the value a bit.

If I was buying from a friend? $400. When buying from a friend, I tend to pay the top. If I was buying from someone I didn't know, and to make a return (profit), in my local soft market, $200. But perhaps your market is stronger. Bought something almost identical build wise earlier this year for $150.
Makes sense, which puts me out of the running.

Originally Posted by T-Mar View Post
Zeta and Aelle are two entirly different tubesets. The seat post diameter will go a long way to increasing your confidence in the tubeset. Typically, Zeta frames are spec'd with 26.6mm seat posts. Zeta debuted for the 1981 model year. The presence of a Portacatena dropout would corroborate circa 1981-1983. That doesn't look like a standard lug cutout but specifically a 'v', which may relate to the builder. The frame looks nice but if it is Zeta then I don't think it adds a lot of value. Maybe $50 over what you consider to be the value of the components.
Do tell; most of the threads suggest Zeta was renamed to Aelle later in the 1980's. I'm not quite convinced that the lug cutout means much of anything though; that looks like a standard V-shaped cutout adjusted for length to fit a short point lug.

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