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Enchantment Lakes aka Shangri La (pics)

Ive posted a lot of ride reports here over the years, with beautiful mountain scenery to complement a beautiful road bike. The way I find roads to ride on is usually that I go hiking, and say to myself my god, I need to come back with my bike. Id like to share some photos of where one of the roads I ride as a spring classic leads. Every year in April I go to 11worth and ride Icicle Road. Now that I have a gravel bike I like to also ride Eightmile Road. This is where it leads.

Tagging @woodway and @Carbonfiberboy because they provided invaluable beta, and @HTupolev because hes an encyclopedia of local riding knowledge and will hopefully enjoy seeing these.

I did this with a friend, we were going for photos and the slowest known time. It took us 23 hours to do this traverse, we never stopped for more than 10 minutes. I saw a shooting star from the spillway between Snow Lakes. Officially this is supposed to be about 18 miles (more because we got lost a few times in the darkness), with about 5,500 of ascent and 10,000 of descent. Ive wanted to do this for a decade, although I wanted to spread the pain over 3 to 5 days. But Ive never had luck in the permit lottery, so I decided to do it as a day hike before I get too old.

Slabby fun world was hands down the most beautiful place Ive ever seen and Ive seen many. I regret leaving.

No trip to the Enchantments would be complete without goats.

Aasgard Pass

I didn't realize the upper basin would be a river!

Perfection Lake

I was going for contrast between the warm evening light at the top of the frame, and the cold blue water. I wound up cropping from the top and maybe ruined the effect I was going for.

My buddy, in the lower basin.

Did I mention the waterfalls?

It was very important for us to get below the infamous via ferrata section before dark. They put rebar in after somebody died here descending in the rain. Neither of us wanted to test our luck descending by headlamp. But we made it in plenty of time and didn't need to use the rods; slabby fun land is made of grippy granite.

Jack takes in the very long march ahead of us as sunset spreads across the far ridge. Upper Snow below us.

This is what the last ten miles looked like.

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