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Originally Posted by Wilmingtech View Post
Technique... technique... technique...

There is no argument that someone with good skill and great technique will do better than someone without. But that is not what the OP is asking about, nor does any of us (Unless someone here knows the OP outside of virtual candy land) know the OP's skill or speed into the corner or how far he was leaning. Unless we have video showing any of this we are all pissing into a fan.

So regardless of skill and technique (as these are variables X and Y but should assume they are fairly consistent with the rider) What we do know is the type of tires he was riding.

So the question is... if you take a corner on those vittoria tires from a paved farm track road and turn onto a more "gravely" road say 1000 times or ride another tire like Terreno Drys or Gravel King SKs 1000 times into the same corner, which tire will give out the most? Say a percentage?

Is it the same experience with every tire going over those surfaces everytime?
(Because thats what the "Its only skill not the tire" peeps sound like... regardless of tire its the same outcome and only skill will make a difference)

@Witterings feel free to correct me if I am wrong here but I think that's what the initial curiosity was.

Sorry for the spill. That sucks and I am one step behind you in age and I'll be darned if each year it doesn't cost me twice as much in time and doctor bills each time I get hurt.
Thank you so much ... someone that has enough intelligence to actually understand what was being asked (unlike some)

It also re-iterates that others are jumping to conclusions when they weren't even there ... have absolutely no idea of the terrain, the speed I was going and whether I was leaning into it at all and don't even bother asking the questions to come to any type of informed conclusion but just spout jumping to a totally uninformed conclusion which in my experience has never been a clever thing to do (empty vessels and all that).

I know that area well having ridden it so many times, we come up the lane at about 16mph and slow down considerably to take the turn due to the surface there .... there's one small part where there's a bump and you could easily damage your rim so again re-iterates I approach it slowly / cautiously and as it's quite wide I'd almost say it's more of a bend than a hard turn and so therefore no lean into it due to the slow / cautious speed and I didn't brake hence why the shock that the bike disappeared from under me with such severity and speed.

I think people have been wrongly assuming I've come flying up to a bend at a speed that's totally inappropriate for the surface which really wasn't the case ... I was going the same speed as the guy in front of me and following his line but he didn't come off so for some reason I obviously just got unlucky .... the guy behind that went over as well did hit his brakes which caused his skid / fall and the guy behind him was able to steer round and avoid us.

As you've said though my whole question is if a tyre had more nobbles might it have cut through the loose surface and stopped the fall and if so for the small percentage of speed lost I'd happily swap back to my GK SK's which I use during the winter months and just keep them on year round rather than run the risk of such an unpredictable fall again.

Thank you for your input and having the wisdom and insight that some on here appear to severely lack
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