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Originally Posted by Witterings View Post
Because like most of us if we didn't have the ability to read the road and conditions we'd constantly be having accidents which isn't the case.

I totally get your 150th time on a worn out tyre when it was OK on ride 149 ... which is the whole point of what I was trying to ask.

So for arguments sake a slick that goes through the corner 150 times is probably going to have less grip than a nobbly that does it the same number of times... although that may be totally dependent upon the compound of the tyre ... so are you more likely to have an accident on one rather than the other.

I think people are jumping on the ... You're incompetent at reading the road ... which I genuinely don't feel is the case and if I was I wouldn't be so shocked at what happened for the 1st time in my life at 55 because it would be something that had happened to me on a regular basis.
Don’t get hung up on the age of the tire. Concentrate on all the variables. Crashing on a corner could happen on the first, 12th, 87th, 92nd, or 150th try. All of the variables...and there are dozens and dozens of them...are going to “vary”. Hit the right combination and down you go.

Also there is an element of technique in riding. Not everyone’s technique is flawless every time they ride. Crashing has upsides as well. It teaches you more about where your technique is flawed than those 150 successful trials will ever teach you. If this is the first time you have ever crashed in 55 years (that’s how I reading it), your bicycle education is sorely lacking. I’m older then you and I still crash. I learn something each time I hit the ground...mostly how painful it is and how to avoid it.
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