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Originally Posted by Witterings View Post
Not in the turn at all as I'm totally aware that's the worst thing you can do on a loose surface as well as turning the wheel hard which is why I'm so bemused by what happened .... the other guy that came off behind me did slam his brakes on to avoid hitting me which is what caused him to come off though.

I'm probably going to go back down there over the weekend and have a look and see what it's like but it literally felt like I'd just hit a sheet of black ice
Even pros crash. No one takes every corner perfect 100% of the time, sometimes things just happen. You come in a little too hot, maybe there was a bump in the road that wasn't there before and it catches your wheel at exactly the wrong angle, and you're down.

Wider tires might help but maybe not. I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

Anyway I'm just chiming in to say that you might want to have your skull and brain checked out just to be safe. Just because you were wearing a helmet doesn't mean there was no impact. It just means your skull and brains stayed mostly where they are supposed to stay.
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