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Replace the helmet

Originally Posted by Witterings View Post
really smacked my head and all I can say is ... thank the big man above I was wearing a helmet as my head took a seriously major impact and it's the bit of me that's not injured. ...

Painkillers and bed me thinks

After 44 years of road cycling I had my first nasty fall last July. Not discussed here so far:

1) you can look all you want at your helmet, but they get hairline fractures which are hard to see. Replace it, it sacrificed itself, job done.

2) although my head didn't hurt (ribs did!) my son, a resident in radiology, force me to the hospital for a CAT scan (no head problem but broke one of those 'wings' things on T1 lateral (vertebra spine bone), that never hurt at all). I learned all sort of things from the cat scan (how many broken ribs I really had, I had broken ribs from a previous accident (not bicycle related), I have gall stones, AND I have a finger in my thigh (which now I take advantage of by lifting my thigh at people, they don't know what going on, but gives me great satisfaction. (this later 'feature' really is not that rare, there is even a medical term for it.) But I have to note the doctors did't tell me about any of those later items, my son did after looking at the CAT scan and x-rays.)

3) watch the pain killers, all have side effects.

Glad you saw your doctor.

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