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Which reminds me-- OP, you're gonna wanna get a set of bars ASAP if you intend to use them in less than a month. I would honestly say it took me 3 months to be able to get in the bars for more than 10 minutes at a time, and those 3 months were almost constant tweaking of bar angle, extension, saddle tilt, etc. It was basically like starting my bike fit from scratch.

When I impulse-bought my Synops on eBay, I didn't even take things like rest height or setback into consideration-- I just thought, "I'd like to try some aerobars" and placed a bid. The Synop are pretty much a pure race setup: the pads sit about an inch above the handlebar, the rests are carbon fiber, and the "pads" are basically synthetic leather with velcro on one side. So I got used to riding on that. Sure, it took several months to get used to both the position, and the different muscles recruited, but it's kinda second nature now. Sometimes it's just nice to have an extra place to put my hands.

All other things being equal, it's good for about 1.5mph. Don't work as hard but go faster? What's not to like?
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