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Originally Posted by datlas View Post
I would not walk away from that until 65/Medicare if I were you.

We have crappy insurance, 5K per person deductible, and I pay $30,000/year for it. That's family coverage so includes me, mrs datlas, and the two kids. The only "benefit" I have is that since it's through work I pay with pre-tax dollars. Compared to that, medicare is a bargain and the coverage is not bad TBH.
I only don't pay anything because I reject the ridiculous amount (over $450K) of life insurance I am entitled to for free. I have no need for life insurance, but my employer makes me take $10K. The cost savings to my employer is credited against the cost of my other benefits. What I save my employer is greater than what I would have to contribute if I took the full life insurance. The net result is that I actually get about $71 added to my paycheck every month. And that number keeps going up every year because, as I age, the cost of all that life insurance goes up.

I don't want to work until 65, but I may have to.

Agree that Medicare is a good deal. When I was managing my mom's affairs I would see the bills. One time she spent a week in the hospital. Her end was only something like $500.
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