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Originally Posted by NoWhammies View Post
@Jeff Wills well you may be right. I had the cassette of the free hub and gave it a good scrubbing last night, then let it air dry and put it back on the freehub today. Only I put the cassette back on the freehub WITHOUT any grease. I was uncertain if I should put grease on the freehub or not. I did a lot of googling around and it seemed like the verdict was 50/50 on whether to grease or not to grease. The only grease I put on the freehub was a little bit on the lock ring.

And the cassette was noisier than ever...Frustrating as all get out.

Thanks for the suggestion to put a layer of grease on the freehub and aluminum carriers though. I hadn't thought of that.

The bit about the noise on the carriers. Is this an issue with the carrier that I need to worry about? Thank you.
For me it's most noticeable when starting from a dead stop in a low gear (which, naturally, are the cogs that are on an aluminum carrier). One or two strong pedal strokes and the cassette goes "Squark!" and then quiets down. I've never noticed that they wear out any faster if they make this noise.

I've dealt with this issue a couple times by ditching the expensive cassette and reverting to cheaper cassettes with all-steel cogs. This gets me in the weight-weenie side of my brain, but if I wanted to reduce weight I'd be on a diet. Good golly, what a potbelly...
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