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Are all bikeshops like this?

I have one shop here an hour away that sells Trek bikes. First time there it was great and I rode a couple different bikes. I had never been on a good bike before and got the sales pitch and 2 options to buy sheets with different accessories. Next time I went in with 2 used bikes for them to look over they didn't seem to have any time at all for me. I bought a riser stem but it took 2 hours even to get waited on,even though there were only 2 other people in the store and I didn't ask them to look over my used bikes as I had planned after I was quoted a price over $50 just to check safety.

I decided to give them one more chance today and took in my Marlin 5 in for brake pads. They basically told me that my mechanical disc brakes wouldn't get any better and didn't seem to want to fool with it though I was the only one in the shop.I needed a new bike with hydraulic brakes. It seemed like all interest was gone when I said I wanted out as cheap as possible.

I have had the bike up shift before on me during a hard climb and asked them to check the shifter for me. The guy checked my chain instead and claimed I needed a new chain and set of gears because both were worn out on the 2017 marlin that has not yet even been ridden enough to need new brake pads. I was told that a new chain would be worthless without new gears. I told the smug young little salesman type that I would ride that chain and gears for the next 10 years without any problems and just left disgusted.
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