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Not all are like that but sadly many of them are.
Many have an upscale clientele, and bicycling in some ways is the new golf.
That statement may not make sense until you look at it from the perspective of young to middle aged professionals have been Cycle Crazy for more than a decade.
These are the folks that are the top 1% that are getting significant raises and promotions. These are the same folks that attend The Masters in April and The Super Bowl in February. They largely take the view that they have achieved their stature through graduating top of their class, and then outperforming their colleagues in the workplace to earn their status and lifestyle perks, one of which is a large amount of disposable income. (There is no question that these folks are achievers and have earned their position and status among the corporate elite, and in their own practice (e.g. LAW, CPA-business consulting, MEDICAL, REAL ESTATE, etc).
They have no time for second best and desire only the "best" and are willing to pay for what they believe is the best, without too much regard for cost, as long as it puts them in the right light of being seen wearing/riding in/riding on the "best". Proper status is hugely important to them. These folks are the people who buy all the expensive "timepieces" and the "most-in, best brand's high line bicycle" much the same as their shirt's logo and tag must be among the best available today.
Golf was the sport that was attracting these "on the way to wealthy" newbies during the eighties, nineties, early 2000's before the GREAT RECESSION.
The older corporate titans near 50 and within ten years of retirement are still fixated on GOLF but those top-producers in the professional ranks in their early thirties and younger are Cycle-Nuts.
Some Bicycle shops have so much business today from these Cycle-Nuts who have more disposable money than sense. Typically, that city that the bicycle shop like that is located in, will have a huge Medical Community. Doctors don't have the time to do research, or compare Internet research. They could, I guess but that would take significantly from their leisure time and simply add stress to their lives.
Sometimes, these bicycle shops that get too snooty, with perhaps an over-confident, too big for their britches, and no time for the common-person Attitude, and it works great for them for a long time, UNTIL IT DOESN'T.
Like anything else, if you lose that core customer base and you don't cultivate a new customer stream or alternative revue stream, you're potentially looking at a shrinking bottom line, if not a going out of business soon outlook.
The Internet has made for comparative shopping and a better informed savvy customer in many cases, just ask anyone who owns multiple new-car auto dealerships. Too often the doo-fusses that are working in the bike shops are just as bad as your Herb Tarlek type car sales person. Herb was in radio but you probably remember that perfect characterization of such a fool.
Don't do business with any jack--- sales person or owner that does not treat you courteously, and with dignity and respect. I say this to you: IF YOU DON'T MATTER TO THEM, THEN DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS!! .
The problem sometimes is a result of the sales and shop personnel are hard-core serious roadies who are young and have a very narrow, tunnel visioned view of how the world should be, often having no clue what is appropriate for someone who may be a casual rider, older, or youthful and obese, or for a 36 year old mom with three children under 11 years of age. They often cannot comprehend because it is so night and day different from their hard-core view of what bicycle riding is and should be.
Many times, established bicycle shops with a significant amount of mountain bike customers and a more diverse clientele, than just the spandex speed freaks, will be better in customer relations, customer service, and stocking a greater amount of common parts and accessories. This type of shop tends to be more friendly to servicing common bicycles at a fair price. You don't get that example of Lt Columbo parking his '50 Peugeot gray junkmobile at the Beverly Hills Rolls-Royce Dealership while working on a case..................the RR dealership employees go nuts and demand that said "horrible rubbish" be immediately removed from the property. There are more than a few bicycle shops that will herd you back towards the door if they see you bring " certain common horrible rubbish" inside the store. They may just herd you towards the door with a comment like, Oh we don't do any work on those, or we think that is not a good-enough bike to warrant, make any adjustments, or repairs to.

DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER! You have to check out all your Local Bicycle Shops, in person.
Sometimes, if you meet and get to know the principal, managing owner of the shop, you can get really good service on your common machinery, IF YOU'RE WILLING TO BRING IT IN ON DAYS WHERE THEY ARE NOT SO BUSY WITH THE "we don't care what it Costs' Crowd. It is much like knowing the general manager or owner of a NEW CAR DEALERSHIP, you sometimes can bypass the obnoxious, a-hole, typical high-pressure jerks that make up the front line sales and sales mgt.
You must remember though that if the Shop is extremely busy with the "we don't care what it Costs' crowd", who appear to be serious buyers and prospects, that naturally their shop personnel will migrate like sharks towards them before you , because, well, as they say that is business, and it is sell, sell, sell, or risk having that ol' goin out of business-inventory liquidation sale.
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