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Originally Posted by RH Clark View Post
Second time I did spend $40,but I suppose that wasn't enough to be considered a customer.

Ok,I am a newby but you tell me, do gears wear out before a set of brake pads. The pads were the original set but apparently both my chain and gears needed replaced. I asked the guy why my gears would be worn out and his reply was because of all the hills we have here. I guess mountain bike gears only last on flat ground.

So ... you went to the shop and test rode some bicycles, got the information, expressed interest ... but didn't buy them. Bicycle shops love that!

Then you went back with a couple used bicycles ... what kind of bicycles? Where did you get them?

And good to hear that you didn't actually wait 2 hours. You waited a few minutes, left, then came back and were served. No, $40 isn't much.

Then you went back with another bicycle and asked about brake pads which were still fine ... and the shifting which YOU claim was bad.

Yes, it is possible your gears and chain could be worn out. Depends how you used them. And they're right that you need to replace both gears and chain together. No, chances are you won't be riding that chain and gears for the next 10 years without any problems.

Keep that in mind next time it shifts on its own while climbing.
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