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Originally Posted by RH Clark View Post
I do understand that but I also know when I meet a used car salesman. On my first trip I tried a Marlin 5 and was told how great a bike it was. On my 3rd trip I brought in the used 2017 Marlin 5 I bought elsewhere and was told how crappy a bike the Marlin was. Excellent when I was about to buy a couple months before but now crappy enough that I needed a new one when I had a Marlin 5.
I get it. I just posted in another thread . . . I feel like I can quickly tell when I enter a shop if it's shaping up to be a good experience or a bad one.

I used to be in the golf equipment business. Started fitting and building clubs in very small numbers . . . some medium-pricey stuff too. I briefly tried expanding the product line to attract more customers, but I quickly learned that I don't have what it takes to deal in-person with retail customers. Since that experience, I'm much more understanding of how I get treated in a place like a bike shop. If I'm not comfortable with the people or the place, I politely take my business elsewhere.
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