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Originally Posted by Hondo Gravel View Post
Yup 1973 was my first bike with that crazy banana seat, one speed and the brakes you use the pedals to engage. I forgot what you call them. Then the tires that resemble a car tire. I live in the Cleveland Ohio suburb of Lakewood and that was freedom. My friends on the block did all kind of crazy things on our bikes. Jumping ramps and having contests on you could brake the longest skid. I went through many rear tires lol. Get off my yard guy getting angry for marking up the sidewalk. Anyways had a lot of fun and good clean mischief that was harmless.
Same here. I had a Sears Free Spirit banana seat bike with flat profile rear tire and my brother had same type of bike from another store. My best friend at the time had a Huffy Cheeter Slick bike of the same build.

Wheelies, jumping junky dangerous ramps, and skid contests were the thing to do. Until BMX style took over, that is.
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