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Originally Posted by kq2dc7 View Post
...rode it daily losing 60 lbs in the process. During the winter I bought a mountain bike and really liked the single track riding.

Last week I picked up a Specialized Allez sport A1. I guess I was expecting it to cover my normal 20 mile loop with less effort than the hybrid. I am averaging 2 to 3 mph faster but it is taking a lot more effort than the hybrid. Has anyone else switched over from hybrid to road bike and felt that big of a difference.

I plan on riding all three bikes I just havnt had a chance to ride the MTB recently.
First, congrats on the weight loss!

Besides rider position and fit, tires can also make a huge difference in effort. Different tires can have different rolling resistances based on tread, suppleness and inflation pressure.

Is the Allez Sport new? You used the phrase "picked up" in reference to it. If the wheel bearings are good and the wheels are rolling well, but the drive train is dirty, misaligned or the bottom bracket or rear cassette bearings need cleaning, regreasing, repacking or replacing, you're gonna work harder.

Even if the Allez is new, there could be a drivetrain misalignment, or drivetrain issue.

Whether new or used, if bought the bike at a shop that has mechanics, have them check it out. If not, it may be worth having the bearings inspected whether you can do it yourself, or have a shop check it out.

My 1984 Nishiki International became difficult to pedal uphill and under pressure. Turned out, the rear axel had broken. After having it replaced, it rode much, much better. Six months later I had the bottom bracket repacked and the bike is now a rocket.
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