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I agree about gearing. Most derailer bikes, From comfort & mountain bikes to road bikes have the gear we need for a perceived optimum efficiency on reasonably flat land or small hills, and for some headwind. It just takes some experience to find what works best on each bike. If you know what gear inches worked on your old bike, It's a good baseline. Generally speaking switching to a road bike from a hybrid, you might add 5 - 10% and go from there.

Effort is purely subjective unless you have a power meter and cadence monitor. My 34 lb Comfort bike with it's bolt upright seating and 2" 35 psi tires is so easy to peddle at moderate speeds I feel like I could ride forever. And with a 21 gear inch low gear, I can climb pretty much any hill, Even with soft gravel with moderate effort. But it REALLY doesn't like to go fast.

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