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Originally Posted by kq2dc7 View Post
After a 40 years away from bikes I bought a hybrid bike last summer and rode it daily losing 60 lbs in the process. During the winter I bought a mountain bike and really liked the single track riding.

Last week I picked up a Specialized Allez sport A1. I guess I was expecting it to cover my normal 20 mile loop with less effort than the hybrid. I am averaging 2 to 3 mph faster but it is taking a lot more effort than the hybrid. Has anyone else switched over from hybrid to road bike and felt that big of a difference.

I plan on riding all three bikes I just havnt had a chance to ride the MTB recently.
I think you and I have had very similar experiences, and there's a really simple explanation for it. You're going 2-3 mph faster because you are working harder. When I went from several decades of hybrid riding to a road bike last year, I first found myself just naturally picking up the pace a bit and feeling much more tired after covering the same distance. I only increased at first by about 1 mph, but as I've relearned how to be more aero, that's increasing somewhat this year.

The only explanation I have for it is that I think the road bike posture just lets me use more of my leg muscle, and that actually is more energy out. My fitness level, which was already quite good on the hybrid, fairly rapidly increased, so now the road bike seems like the "normal" level of effort for me.
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