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I recently bought this and have been trying to commute on it. It's '99 build with Shimano Nexus7 hub, Sturmey drum brake in the front and a rollerbrake on the rear. Great shape. I oiled and repacked the hub and oiled the chain.

The commute is 10k each way, mostly flat. Sometimes I want to "step on it," but the opa bike won't let you. It's for going leisurely places at leisurely paces. Gazelle put the handlebars way back, you can't really stand up on it or move your weight ahead of the seat much at all. It's a smooth and pleasant ride, just not a fast one.

The old Suburban is the better commuter. The lower and more forward geometry lets you put your weight over the pedals, stand up and drop the hammer.

What would you do with this Gazelle?
  1. Sell it, look for a drop-bar road bike.
  2. Install a longer stem, move the bars forward, try for more of a "roadster" geometry similar to the Suburban.
  3. Install drop bars, and probably a longer stem, make a "tulip burner." :-)
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