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Originally Posted by rplong
They aren't the 'aero' type like the Alps or those Mavics that Tailwinds has. Bontragers deeper rims are marketed under the title 'Aeolus'. I think there are plenty of alternativs when it comes to deep dish rims. I might open a can of worms with this next statement, but I would like someone to prove otherwise. When it comes to 'aero' type rims, regardless of brand, I don't think you are going to be able to prove noticeable differences. However, you could prove the difference between normal rims, like the bontrager and alps or cosmics. It just depends on how much coin you want to spend. If I upgrade my wheels, or WHEN I upgrade my wheels, I think I am going to look for the cheapest and durable set of deep dish rims, not a specific brand like Zipp or HED.

I agree 100%. I'll go as far as to say that the benefit of aero rims vs. standard rims is not entirely too much either. Deep down in places nobody wants to talk about people will admit to themselves that the aero rims do more to benefit our psyche and confidence than actual aerodynamics. Now, some dweebs can get on here and post all kinds of numbers about the benefits of aero rims, but hey, I'm just a commoner, I'm not a cycling prodigee, aero rims just boost my ego.
I think some nerds at MIT just showed in their wind tunnel testing that using a $200 aero helmet absolutely obliterates the advantages of using a $1000 set of aero rims.

(Qualifier: Yes yes, I know, aero wheels provide as much as X:XX advantage over a 40k TT than standard wheels at sustained XXmph)
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