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That article has caused more confusion than just about anything else...

An aero helmet is not 4 times the imrpovement an aero wheel is.

Jennings got the quote correct.

They were trying to reference the fact that the non aero helmet produces a lot of drag and is an area of improvement. Specifically, it creates 4 times the drag of a non aero wheel, however the amount an aero helmet improves CdA is not down to that of a non aero wheel, it is just significantly lower than a nonaero helmet.

FWIW a vague generalization from testing I've seen is... LG rocket seems to save 60-90 seconds over 25 miles when worn correctly, a set of wheels like Zipp 303s, Hed Alps or Reynolds saves about 60 seconds over 25 miles, 404s maybe 75-90, Disc with aero front 90-120.
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