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All I have to say is: "you have to start somewhere"
When I was racing 20 mph really wasnt fast, the pack would ride at between 25 and 30mph (give or take a few) and that was basically on flats until someone made a break or attacked, then we would pick up our speed. (you have some guys that ride 20 mph for 50 miles non stop, then you have some that ride 30 mph for only 10 miles, each rider is different and each race is different)
Also look at your time trials, you will definately have to maintain an average speed of over the 20 mph in order to stay in the running, and like it was also said about crits, crits are defiantely fast with a bunch of maniacs. So Corsaire ride ride ride (ride in groups, ride solo, just ride) till you think you cant ride anymore and then ride that few extra miles, your speed will definately pick up and you will blow by a bunch of riders. and like I said you have to start somewhere and you are definately on the right road, so keep it up and best of luck to you, just be safe.
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