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Originally Posted by shaneshane View Post
I did the same, just got the bike built up (almost). missing the 16point bottom bracket tool to tighten the front disk rotor properly, will need to bring into LBS tomorrow.
BTW, Cann't find your post yet, what size your purchased and how tall are you?

I got 53cm and it's just 19.6 lbs, it's amazing for a gravel bike.
Unfortunately I wrote up a whole post about my experience and building the bike up and my thoughts and posted it. But for some reason it got lost in this forums politics. I we make sure to re re write another one. But I spent a half hour writing that up.

The only issue i had was putting in a mounting bolt to the front flat disc calipers to the fork. One of the bolt was scratching the caliper from a bad angle. It seems a little bit of a design flaw. Not allowing enough room for the bolts to enter without grazing the head of the caliper and scratching it on the way in. I ended up taking it to the bike shop to deal with the derailleur, (NOT MY THING). Adjusting the derailleur is never been something I've been good at, but I also wanted my LBS to make sure everything else was safe to ride and all bolts were specs to torque. All was $80. Well worth it for the once over and adjustments. They also put locking compounds in threads and made sure to use special grease for the carbon and titanium and aluminum joints, ie seat, headtube, etc.

Couldn't be happier. Just ordered the 32c sector 2 hutchinson tires for the rainy season here. The cross tires on not good in rain. The back end already slipped out on the railcar tracks in San Francisco.
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