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110 one way, but we have to go through LA (or over through Palmdale) so 4-5 hours on the road. The wife goes with me to all races which adds the complication of her travel; its a debate to race because she doesn't want to spend all weekend on the road when she travels the weeks before and after. Its a weird problem to have and if I start racing full time again (and not picking and choosing races that only fit my strengths) it'll be an issue.

About the FTP; my guess is I could do 90% of my ftp, I'm at 285ish, so 250-255 should be the mark but I can never come close to that on a TT bike. I can't blame the bike, its either me being tired and often times its road furniture (cars, lights, etc) that screw up my interval. We really don't have a great 40k course that I've found.
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