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Originally Posted by saddlesores View Post
$1300 for a hub?

not compatible with my other bikes, spares made of unobtainium, would have to buy a new frame with thru-axels..

for the price of just one hub i can buy two complete touring rigs.
...or one rig and a complete set of gear.
Can actually work with standard dropouts. Thatís part of the appeal: one hub can be swapped between different wheelsets or different bikes with different widths. Now if youíve never been tempted by a Rohloff, then this probably doesnít interest you. But for me the problem with Rohloff is that not only is it over 1k, but I have 2 wheelsets for my bike, so if I want to keep that functionality, I need two, or more if I ever wanted to use it in another bike. Unless I wanted to keep rebuilding my wheels. This hub can go in your standard touring bike and then be swapped into your wide-dropout, fat bike, and then be dropped into your folding bike if thatís what youíre riding next.

And, yes, itís still a non-user-serviceable part, so not everyone is going to comfortable with that. Iím not comfortable with it largely because itís new and untested. If it ever gets out into the world and is shown to as reliable as the Rohloff has been, I think itíd worth a closer look.
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