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Originally Posted by zukahn1 View Post
The dropouts are late 70's early 80s Vitus professional which seem to indicate a better quality likely Super Vitus tubed frame. In which case some of the components are likely none original and a bit lower than came on the bike originally. Based on the it could be a nicer model Mercier or Gitane can you tell if there is chrome under the paint on the rear dropouts and stays which would help confirm a nicer bike.
I'll try searching the models for Mercier and Gitane to see if I can find a match. From what I understood so far, Gitane had a poor database when it comes to serial numbers. Any website about Mercier serial#?
Found some pics with Mercier bicycles and on some models, the bottom bracket lugs are the same as mine but other details are different...

When it comes to the equipment, as soon as the identification is a success, I'll try and match the original build.

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