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Originally Posted by Silvestru View Post
The seat post diameter is 26.4mm. There is a chance that the rear socks were chromed and repainted... Also, somebody a Vitus 888 tubing.
26.4 is consistent with a high end French bike. The other thread you started on this bike has a lot of pics of the rear drop out. One neat thing about it is that it has a stop for a derailleur. I'll bet if you pull off the rear derailleur it is threaded. That means you can run a simplex rear derailleur (which is what you have now) or pretty much anything else you want as well. The earlier french dropouts--mainly simplex--were not threaded and lacked a stop. This drop out, plus the under the BB cable routing, suggests that the bike is from the 80s.

I really like the parts mix on this bike. Mafac brakes are cool and the levers are later ones that I like a lot as well. They came stock on my 1982 Peugeot PXN 10 (it has simplex drop outs but like yours it has a stop for a RD and it is threaded). The stronglight 99 crank with drillium rings is a nice touch. That is an 86 bcd crank and chain rings are readily available for it if you want to change the gearing. The normandy hi flange hubs are very serviceable and the mavic ma 2 rims are excellent.

The parts will clean up nicely. The frame will need some work though.

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