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Originally Posted by Wildwood View Post
Tell us later with a thread update about the 2 tires.

I'm betting a HUGE ride difference between a 'tough as nails' 21mm versus the 'compliant sidewall' 25mm.
Night and day difference.
But I've never used the Richey, and I do use inexpensive tires as spares. (Rally & Giro)
The DeRosa deserves a better tire, IMHO.

Mounting a tubular tire with tubular tape is super easy - really - no practice necessary. With glue, a lot of practice is an advantage.

I run Veloflex Arenberg and it's a superior tire. Also their 25&28s with tanwalls (Roubaix & Vlaanderen) on vintage bikes.
The Specialized Turbo tubular is also superior but not as long lived. And I never see a Spesh sale on tubulars.
I don’t know if I will be happy or really mad if the Veloflex doesn’t ride a whole lot better!!!The plan is to mount the ritcheys on my less expensive wheels and work out the kinks . Then when I am finished with the De Rosa, it will get the Arenberg’s ! if I have enough clearance , and if the Arenberg meets expectations, I might go for Vlaanderen I am not certain it will fit, but I would prefer the vintage tan sidewall , And a nice wide tire.

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