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Although I also listen to pop, hiphop, R&B, electronica, classic rock, classical, etc, I'll bite on this one, because I can't stand modern pop country on the radio. Alt-country on the other hand is something different.

Western, country, insurgent country, no depression, etc, etc, the list goes on and on as it is really hard to classify a band or song as alt country, and vice versa, it is really hard to describe just what alt country is. But you'll know the sound and the style once you start listening.

I really don't mind any of the labels, its whats inside that counts (sigh). But I would only object to the term "western" (and flat out "country"), not to pick on you, but because a lot of this music has its roots in the apalachian regions, the midwest, and the eastern coal/mine towns. Thats what I feel in my blood when I listen to this music. The lush wooded hills of western PA and the appalachian mountains, the weary laborers of the factory towns, and the soul of those who make the music from those places.
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