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Just joined the Sirrus club today with the purchase of a 2016 Elite Carbon. It's my first "road" bike. Been pretty heavy into mountain biking and wanted something speedier for my "commuting" (I work from home) than the clunker Townie that I've been riding.

Mountain biking has given me an appreciation for high quality componentry, but I was trying to keep the wife happy and stick to a budget so I went with the entry level carbon model knowing full well that I would eventually upgrade all the components just as I have done with every other bike I have owned.

So here we go! What are everyone's recommended upgrades? I think the wheels are probably the obvious first endeavor. Don't want to spend crazy money, and realize that probably just about anything is better than the Axis Classic that are on it. I know nothing about road bikes by the way...

Drivetrain will come too, but I'll wait till I have put some miles on and taken most of the life out of this Sora one before I upgrade to something cool like an Ultegra.
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