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Originally Posted by rensho3 View Post
I have ridden this set up twice, and am very happy with it. I definitely look better on the bike (sorry, there will probably never be any pictures, but I trust what my coach tells me). One interesting collateral effect is that I am way more comfortable when on the bars and trying to make like a turtle for aerodynamics. I was able to hold the position for about 8 x 250 meter laps; in the past my elbows and shoulders would start screaming at 3 laps. Not the most important fact since at most I do 3 laps for a TS, but nice nevertheless.

The aero effect appears to be more substantial than I expected also. Full disclosure, I did not change anything on the bike fit other than adding the spacer to the seat mast. My top speed on my 200 seems to have increased an average of 1 MPH (N=8). I like that!
That's awesome!
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