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Are you meaning 24-hour races (of which there are a number)? Or 24-hour randonneuring events?
For the races, www.ultracycling.com.
For randonneuring, the only specifically 24 hour events are the fleche and the arrow. They tend to be leisurely events, as if you use the minimum event distance in "normal" terrain, it's not much of a challenge to cover it.
Any randonneuringe event over 400k has more than 24 hours allotted to it.
Personally, I'm not too keen on the general 24-hour idea. Theoretically, if you get lots of sleep prior, you should be able to go 24 hours okay. But the once or twice I've done a 24-hour race, the race started at 6:00 PM or so. "Great, I'll just sleep all afternoon and be awake all race!" I thought. Well, surprise surprise, I just wasn't the least bit sleepy in the afternoon, so by race time, I had been up since 5:00 AM, and I just wound up taking sleep breaks so I didn't kill myself.
And, I felt stupid taking sleep breaks on a 24 hour race. But one of those two times, we had taken a break and were headed back out on the tandem. We met a recumbent rider coming back (the wrong race direction) at about 10 mph. Turns out, he had been going great guns, went to sleep and had a slow-speed crash out there. No serious damage to him or bike, but still, not what you want.. After seeing that, I didn't feel so bad about making our sleep break.
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