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I drink most of my carbs. I'll add some creatine powder with the usual stuff -- carbs, amino acids, eye of newt and other voodoo potions. Maybe some fruit flavored stuff with caffeine. It works out to about 200 calories per 24 oz bottle.

Just seems easier, especially on fast group rides. Less fiddly with while also watching for guys with sketchy bike handling non-skills. Way too common around here, guys with intermediate level power and speed, and Cat 6 handling skills.

In warmer weather I'll also add electrolytes -- usually DripDrop, although occasionally I'll cheap out and use Propel. Both come in single serving Mylar packets, very small and handy. Weather-resistant so they'll keep for months in a saddle bag or even stuffed into a sweaty sock or jersey.

You can buy some gels in bulk packs and transfer them to reusable squeeze bottles. Saves a little money.

I don't use enough gels to make cost an issue. Maybe one or two on a 2-3 hour workout, mostly for the caffeine as much as the carbs. I buy a carton or two at a time and those last for months. On rides under 2 hours I might not eat anything at all since my water bottle already has some carbs.

Clif Bloks are pretty comparable to gels, less messy, and about half the price. They're just gummies with carbs and caffeine. Good alternative for folks who dislike the texture and flavor of gels.

If I just want carbs I'll get cheap packets of cookies from the dollar store, something that doesn't melt in summer. Shortbread cookies are good, not too sweet, no digestion problems. And I found a big box of stroop waffles for $5. There were a few dozen of the things in that box. They're a handy size, very thin, so it's easy to stuff several into a jersey pocket. And like the shortbread cookies, not too icky sweet.
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