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* Instead of folding and refolding large maps to squeeze into a map case, cut the map into pieces with scissors, and only use the section you need. Smaller sections are easier to deal with, especially when it is breezy.

* Wrap a metre or two of duct tape (or electrical tape) around a film canister, pill box, or something similar. Tape is great for temporary repairs/spontaneous construction projects.

* Carry an old toothbrush for cleaning the chain.

* Before touring with an all-in-one tool like the Topeak Alien or Crank Brothers Multi, make sure you can effectively use the individual tools. I find some of these mini-behemoths too awkward to handle. My toolkit now contains only one multi-purpose tool, a Park Tool hex wrench set that I can use easily. Everything else is a single-purpose tool (needle nose pliers, tire irons, etc.)
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