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I shared the velcro strap around the brake lever trick with about 60 supported tourers on a tour of Maine several weeks ago. Been doing this for something like 12 years and I'm shocked that hardly anyone knows. It can even slow up an attempted theft enough to matter.

Number two...
Wash your clothes in the sink (bring something along to stop the drains), wring them out, place a dry towel on the floor, place a wrung out article of clothing on the towel, roll up completely, walk on rolled towel, unroll, hang garment, you have dry clothes by morning! I always ask for (and get) extra towels.

Number three...
Instead of trying to upload digital photos through your camera, buy a $20 card reader. They are recognized on all XP machines (in libraries) and upload photos much faster than through a camera.

Number four...
Get your butt outta bed early. It's great to have 30-40 miles in by noon. Then stop riding by two or three in the afternoon. This gives you time to actually experience where you'll be staying for the night. Also, even in relatively busy towns, there always seems to be a room available that early in the day.

Number five...
If you don't already have one, spend the $15.00 on one of these mirrors (A Must Have) if you don't already have one. If you have another mirror then buy this one anyway. Try it out for 15-30 days of riding, or just a few after you get it properly adjusted. You'll gladly give your other mirror away. This high quality device that moves with your head (big help) will become one of your favorite touring tools. A potential life saver and joy to use when riding with other tourers behind you. Totally clear, giggle free image that's large enough to really make a difference. I don't work for the company, but I do own two of these wonders.

Number six...
I'm not telling all...and besides, it's getting late.

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